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X - The Exploited

A troubled ex-detective believes she's discovered a serial killer.

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Berlin One

Berlin in the roaring 1920‘s. A golden age of science, culture and hedonism. But while members of high society...

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Murder in Melbourne

The murders of three Irish nationals are explored in this documentary investigation. Navigating the ties betwe...

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Nitro Rush

We find Max in jail, after losing his young wife. When he learns that his son Theo has just been hired by a cr...

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She's Just A Shadow

A crime family becomes entangled in a vicious gang war while a serial killer cuts a swath through Tokyo.

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In 2040, a female humanoid A.I. is hacked by her husband and forced to kidnap the U.S. vice president's son an...

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Operation Cicero

Ilyas Bazna works as a butler in the British Embassy in Turkey during WW2. After Bazna starts to work as a Ger...

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12 Hours to Live

An FBI Agent must race against time to save the lives of two teens being held hostage by a dangerous gunman.

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3 Days in Havana

Jack Petty gets more than he bargained for when he travels to Havana on business and gets caught up in an assa...

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Uncommon Allies

In 2011, Rosilyn Temple’s son was murdered at 26. His ​homicide remains unsolved. Uncommon Allies shows how Ro...

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My Social Network Stalker

This special tells the true story of Ruth Jeffrey, whose ordeal made the headlines in 2011. For three and a ha...

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Perdita Durango

Fiery hellcat Perdita hooks up with mystical, demonic criminal and cult practitioner Romeo who talks her into ...