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The Witching

With Halloween only hours away, the members of a popular podcast, The Witching Hour, gather to swap scary stor...

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The Truth Will Out

A documentary crew interviews a woman and her two daughters, who they suspect are witches.

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Stolen Dreams

Three girlfriends fight for their futures in this coming of age drama. Daiane, Jessica, and Sabrina are three ...

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Devil Girl

When her car breaks down, a small town girl's cross country trip devolves into a living nightmare around an en...

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Featuring stunning cinematography, and gaining fame at festivals, "Khadak" is the tale of a young laborer who ...

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Devil's Acid

A drunk father is telling his son a bedtime story about a group of people spending the night at a haunted pris...

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We Belong Together

A recovering alcoholic college professor trying to put his life back together meets a seductive new student. S...

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Gothic Vampires From Hell

A young band, an elusive record contract, and sultry music executives star in this sharp and sexy satire with ...