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The Impassive Muse

Two outcasts come together and find love in this drama. Adrine and Edivaldo both struggle with illnesses that ...

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Elvis and Madonna

Elvis & Madona is a romantic comedy that deals with an unusual subject in a delicate and realistic way: a love...

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Eva Braun

Eva Braun is a historical exploration of greed and power, following the life of Pier, a corrupt mogul ruling h...

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The Pyramid

A pyramid with sinister powers lures four people into its web of murder and insanity.

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An Anarchist Life

It's a model story, an extraordinary adventure, a tale of revolutionary practice and tension, among anarchy an...

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Bong of the Dead

1 filmmaker's dream! Over 355 Shots composited by himself! Shot entirely on 1 camera for only $5,000! It took ...