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In Search of Echo

An actor once famous for playing a serial killer sets out a journey to find his wife on the island where they ...

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Memoirs in China

Romance and heartbreak collide in this saga set in the Qing Dynasty era of China. Trapped in a loveless, arran...

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Based on a true story, Peter Chan's gripping saga of a family's search for their abducted son delves deep into...

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East Palace, West Palace

Over the course of one dark & heated night, a straight cop and a gay man challenge each other's sexuality.

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Beijing Billionaires

Exploring a super-elite community of wealthy Chinese power brokers living in Britain, this doc looks at how th...

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Getting Home

A black comedy about a farmer who tries to bring home the body of his friend, who died far from their town.

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The Peony Pavilion

A high school student and a pop singer meld reality with fiction as they both fantasize themselves as characte...

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A young math genius with autism is recruited by the government to crack the code of a dangerous spy threatenin...

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Mr. Six

For decades, respected kingpin Mr. Six has ruled the streets of Beijing--but when his son starts a feud with t...

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Soul on a String

A killer is entrusted with a sacred mission in this award-winning Nepalese take on the Western, featuring epic...

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In Love We Trust

In this award-winning drama, a divorced couple learns that the only way to save their young daughter from leuk...

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Electric Shadows

In this heart-warming love letter to Chinese cinema, two movie buffs have a disastrous meet-cute--as the woman...